Full Metal deploys strategies to help your company recover from many forms of malware, phishing, and viruses.

One of the most common is an exploit found in legacy website software.  If you are running a CMS to power your website and it has been compromised, Full Metal can bring your tainted content into our Labs system to recover it while performing security scans and updates to make sure your site stays healthy.  Full Metal can also help you with brand recovery if there is an extended period where the sickness was exposed to your customers.

Exploits are commonly categorized and named by these criteria:

  • The type of vulnerability they exploit.
  • Whether they need to be run on the same machine as the program that has the vulnerability (local) or can be run on one machine to attack a program running on another machine (remote).
  • The result of running the exploit (EoP, DoS, Spoofing, etc.)